Gungnir - Award Winning - Built-in Collars -The Fiver Bar
Gungnir - Award Winning - Built-in Collars -The Fiver Bar
Gungnir - Award Winning - Built-in Collars -The Fiver Bar
Gungnir - Award Winning - Built-in Collars -The Fiver Bar
Gungnir - Award Winning - Built-in Collars -The Fiver Bar
Gungnir - Award Winning - Built-in Collars -The Fiver Bar

Gungnir - Award Winning - Built-in Collars -The Fiver Bar

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The Fiver short bar is a compact and versatile bar designed for a wide range of exercises. Aptly named for it’s five foot length, it can be thought of as a cross between an Olympic bar and a curl bar. This makes it ideal for both push and pull exercises. The short length of the bar makes it ideal for tight gym spaces, smaller gyms, grass training, group training or when you’re on the move.

With our special electroless nickel coating and a 28mm stainless steel shaft, this bar is sure to help you get the most out of your workout. Comes with single knurl markings, no centre knurl and a medium knurl for great grip and comfort.

Gear specs

Bar Use Multipurpose / Specialty
Weight 12 kg / 26.45 lbs.
SlideLocks Titanium
Bar Length 153 cm / 60.23”
Loadable Sleeve Length 23 cm / 9.05”
Loadable sleeve length with lock 18 cm / 7.08”
Knurl Medium
Center Knurl No
Rackable No
Shaft Coating Stainless steel
Sleeve Coating Electroless nickel
SlideLock Coating No coating
Sleeve Diameter 50 mm / 2”
Bushing Bronze Bushing
Shaft diameter 28 mm / 1.1"
Maximum load  400 kg / 881 lbs.
Warranty Lifetime warranty
* Gungnir will warranty this product from defects in material, functionality and workmanship for the lifetime of the product.

What we do

At Gungnir of Norway, we are determined to deliver products that exude both simplicity and quality, so that we can give lifters the best workout experience possible. We dedicate our time and efforts to making our own bars and dumbbells using only the best materials and production methods while also adding our own touch to the design. Because we believe a product as simple as a bar can be a piece of art, and not only a tool for working out. 

A collar-free world

We started in Oslo, Norway, as an idea for a better solution to a problem well known to many who use weightlifting equipment on a regular basis. And let's be real - not all gym equipment out there is as good as it could be. So we started working on a solution in 2018, ridding gyms of clips and collars one at a time. We aim to create a collar-free world one customer at a time and our determination to make our vision a reality grows for every happy customer we get.

The spear of Odin

“Gungnir” (pronounced “GUNG-neer”) originates from Norse mythology, and is the name of the spear that belongs to the god Odin. As you can expect for the weapon of a god, Gungnir is no ordinary spear –  much like our bars. We take pride in referencing a bit of history, while creating products that stand out among their peers.

Our green way

At Gungnir, we strive to create durable, high quality products. When we build our equipment to last, we contribute to less waste, less transport and quite simply a different mentality towards waste. When you often hear “Buy two, get three”, we say “buy one, and get three times the lifespan”. For that reason, we make products that require little maintenance, and we encourage our customers to take care of them throughout their lifetime. Care and respect for our surroundings and the things we use is key to minimize the impact we make on our home planet. This is the way.

Why Built in Collars?

There are many reasons why you chould choose built-in collars

Safer - SlideLocks make for a safer gym experience, thanks to its great accessibility. SlideLocks get used more frequently than regular collars. Keeping the user and their surroundings safe

A little extra peace of mind - No more repurchasing collars that get broken or missing, the SlideLock will stay in one place. For good

Modern and sleek design - Award winning design made to be intuitive, functional and solid. As an added bonus, the SlideLock is extremely satisfying and fun to use

Tidier - The SlideLock being built in to the bar itself means you can keep your gym tidier with no more clips and collars lying around

User-friendly - Provides you with the most efficient and user friendly locking mechanism on the market. Lift, Slide, Lock

Seriously efficient workouts - Optimize your workout with faster supersets, dropsets and light-to-heavy exercises

Always there when you need them - Easier to secure plates more frequently for increased safety.

Durable and reliable - The Slidelocks will not get lost, broken or stolen like regular collars and clips