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My fitness journey started the year before high school (so around two years ago). My mom has been a kick butt group-x instructor all my life and my dad is a former body builder. With two perfectly fit parents I was always conscience of my weight. After a cycle of starving and binging I finally decided to workout and eat healthy as a lifestyle and not a quick fix. I took my mom’s classes and did PureBarre and videos everyday over the summer while eating plenty of healthy foods to fuel my body. I quickly fell in love with pushing myself during tough workouts and seeing progress pushed me to try new things like weightlifting, cycling, and Tabata training. Following Instagram fitness people motivated me a lot in the beginning, so last summer I decided to start my own fitness Instagram account, camel_fitness. (camel is a nickname at school) My goal is help people by providing easy to follow workouts and healthy foods that will hopefully allow them to fall in love with fitness like I did. To me fitness should be doing something you love whether that is running or yoga. I feel like the industry stresses specific types of training over the others, but if being healthy is your goal (which it should be) then picking something you enjoy will better your chances of sticking to it. I am so glad I found an honest supplement brand to partner with that sells incredible flavors and quality to continue to help me on my fitness journey.

 IG:  @camel_fitness

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Camille “Camel”

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